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Internet Civics 101
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Internet Civics 101

No Government, Corporation, Organization, Group, individual or otherwise should make any exclusive claim to any internet resource. Basic principles of fairness dictate that internet resources should serve the greatest public good as a resource, not narrow commercial interests.

In a nut shell the internet means freedom. A more advanced internet done right means freedom and autonomy. There is a world so wonderful and exciting just waiting for us. Up until now, we've lacked the technology and the vision to get us there. Be patient and arm yourselves with awareness and knowledge. That is 90% of our journey.

Always remember, no one is worthy of absolute power. No one! A truly righteous man would never hold such a thing. A truly righteous man would never want it. In many cases, we are just giving gate keepers absolute power. This must not stand.

Now class is in session.

* You need to learn three internet  laws:

Law 1. - The internet belongs to know one and everyone. It is like the air we breath. No one has the right to control access and use of air. Granting others (Gate Keepers) the privilege to provide you services is just that, a privilege. It is not a mandate to impose their ideology, greed or agendas on users. The internet is much too important and powerful a medium to just seed that kind of power to anyone or entity. The handling of the internet is a serious responsibility. It is time we become acquainted with the dangerous ramifications of a maturing internet. It is about to grow up.

Law 2. - The people who participate in the net are the ones who are the most important, because without you there is no net. So don’t be easily convinced that you or powerless and have no control. That is what OsiXs is about. The purpose of OsiXs is to help humanity take ownership of what is rightfully hers (Cyberspace)

Law 3. - The net should remain just as open as the air we breath. You better believe, if someone could put controls on the air we breath and then sell it to us, it would happen. And you better believe you will pay a hefty price for what is already yours. The same will happen if you allow the technocrats to steal your future. The price is much too high. Learn about the Gate Keepers and you'll be fine.

Most of us don’t have time or the skill to figure out what the internet or the web is all about and what it means for our future. By some means, we must make time because the stakes are just that high. It is just as important as knowing about the constitution, bill of rights and everything else that revolves around learning your rights and how to assert and protect them. We have listed a couple of sites below that have demonstrated a record fairness and openness in the interest of the common good to promote healthy growth of the net. You must learn to spot the gate keepers and reject them at every turn. They offer sweets while they quietly deal you poison, beware.

Important Links - EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your digital rights. - The People's Communication Charter is a first step in the development of a permanent movement concerned with the quality of our communication environment - CPSR is a public interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society. - Public Knowledge is a Washington DC based advocacy group working to defend your rights in the emerging digital culture. - The Center for Digital Democracy is committed to preserving the openness and diversity of the Internet in the broadband era, and to realizing the full potential of digital communications.

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