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From time to time you will run into these new terms on the site.



1. The base technology used to build and support “The Cyber World” in Cyber Space in 4 predefined and distinct phases.

2. The second user friendly environment for the internet also known as the "Cyber World".

V2 Stack - The stack is the design structure of V2 as a whole and its parts,   the foundation, infrastructure and interfaces.

V1 - The first user friendly environment on the internet also known as the "World Wide Web".

Virtual world – an extension of our real world that exists only online. i.e. the Cyber World

The Cyber World -  (Our revised definition)
1. An online world where users  have the mechanisms in place to transact any business or personal activity as easily and freely as they can transact them in the physical world.
2. A platform for sophisticated online computing.
3. The futuristic online world of computing.

Internet Convergence
- The internet in such an advanced state that it will allow any process, service, automation or media to be transferred online in the form of an online application.


Cyber Space – The network of computers connected around the world, also known as the “Internet”.


World Wide Web – A web of linked documents and data invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and implemented on the internet (Cyber Space) in 1990.


Manhattan Project – This is the mobilization effort to launch V2 technology, the foundation and building blocks needed to construct the Cyber World in cyber space.

Technocracy - A society ruled by the technical elite (business and Government).
  *not to be confused with Technocracy Inc.

Crats -

Developers - On our site we use this word to describe scientist, technicians and engineers as one big group. And sometimes we use it to describe all computer programmers as a group.

Real world – The real world we(you and I) live in.

Virtual life –
The part of our lives that we manage and conduct online.

Real life –
Activities that we conduct in the real world and not done online. 

Virtual industry –
terrestrial Industry or non terrestrial Industry that has virtual infrastructure.

Real Industry -
terrestrial Industry or Industry in the real world

Virtual/Cyber Realestate  -
 foundation and infrastructure components that make up the landscape of the cyber world that will take on similar characteristics of realestate in the real world.


Medium Applications – Medium applications are mass audience applications that are only feasible and easily deployed across the internet if there was infrastructure in place to support them.

Digital Industrial Complex (D.I.C.) - It is a huge sprawling digital complex online that will be in a constant state of development and maintenance for years to come.

Digital Complex (DC) – Short term for Digital Industrial Complex


Digital Industrialization – The process of transforming real world industries into Virtual industries.


Digital Bill of Rights – The online version of your constitutional and civil rights in the Cyber World. It protects the privacy of your information and the way you are treated online.

Digital Constitution – Online Constitution for the Cyber World.

D2 – Democracy 2.0


R2 – Revolution 2.0

G2 - Government 2.0


TU - Technological Unemployment


PFP (Pay for Play ) - An economic system and paradigm that shifts the burden of work to technology/machines thereby reducing the work hours of humans substantially. In this paradigm human beings derive their pay, benefits and quality of life from the productivity of technology or other services (skills, entertainment etc.) that is best provided by humans.


V2 Governance – The structure/framework used to manage and administrate the V2 framework, infrastructure and the applications that run with in it.

Infrastructure Definition Space (
IDS) (Classified)

Advanced Applications (Classified)



P3 = Ph4O –  Formula for producing a paradigm shift.

P3 Paradigm shift


Ph4O6 (Classified)


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