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The Matrix

Aug 8, 2007 - We decided to use "The Matrix" (the movie trilogy) as a major theme for our site because it was getting a bit too white collar and also because the movie paralleled our initiatives, goals and our situation almost identically in so many aspects that it was impossible to overlook. We use various clips from each of the movies amongst others to help emphasize and reinforce critical topics. We have even adopted a few names and phrases for affect and also to enhance the seamlessness of the joining. So enjoy.

What is the Matrix?
For those who don't know, the Matrix is a motion picture about 2 worlds. One is the real world and one is a computer simulated world created by computers to control humans for the purpose of generating energy. Unfortunately the people that are plugged into the matrix (the system) don't know that they are plugged in and they don't know they are slaves to the system. So their reality is just an illusion A.KA. "The Matrix". Does that ring any bells?

This is the type of control we wish to high light as an exact parallel to what is going on in our real world today. Most of us feel we are in control of our lives when the truth is so far from reality. We use the phrase "You are in the matrix" for those who are not tuned into our real reality. In the movie they call it being plugged in, meaning - being plugged into the system.

In the movie, the matrix is a computer generated dream world. In our case, in our real world of today, the matrix is a money generated dream world. For the most part, it's just an illusion.

In the movie, there is a movement by those who have freed (unplugged) themselves from the the matrix (A.K.A the illusion). That's why we're here. In our real world of today, OsiXs is that movement. It is our job to help everyone who is plugged into the system, to unplug and become truly free.  

Welcome to the First Phase .....

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