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*common sense 3.1*
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It is amazing (with all the historical evidence, events, books, films and scientific proof) that our world and way of life are starting to falter, while most of us remain deaf, dumb and subordinate. Despite all the set backs, warnings and information, we've done relatively nothing. Have we ceased to be serious people?

In 1776, Thomas Paine wrote a pamphlet called "common sense" that fueled the idea of American Independence which gave rise to the American Revolution. He gave hope while painting a direction and a vision to guide the course of this new nation, the United States of America. It is time to renew the aspiration of Thomas Paine and the founding fathers to allow our nation to fulfill its promise. I will make an attempt to pick up where Thomas left off in 1776.

*Important Note: (It's very important to read the entire document or it will do you very little good.)



Common Sense 3.1

The American people are supposed to be in charge - but we are not. We are supposed to be in control - but we are not. There are things that our government has done and is still doing  in the name of the American people which make us responsible - but we are not. Then are we really worthy to be what it is we hold to be sacred - “Americans”.  

The root of the message conveyed by Thomas Paine is the same; government of the people, by the people and for the people. These are high expectations that we’ve never met but we still strive to achieve to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, over the passage of time our government has slowly reduced its citizens to little more than just slaves. We like to blame the politicians, big business, the President, anyone and anything else except ourselves for the horrendous state that our country is in. We the people are the real blame for our countries problems. Not the current or past administrations. Not big business or the bankers. They are just symptoms of a much deeper root cause. We are the rotten root of the problem. For 233 years, we let our government do whatever it pleased. For 233 years we ran our government like an absentee owner. If you don't have health care, a job, hope, money, a home, a good education, etc…, don't blame it on the government. We the people are the blame. The buck doesn't stop with the president. It stops with the people. If you are hated around the world, afraid to travel abroad, in fear of terrorism, mad because the banks are getting bailed out with your money and you can't get a loan, if your life savings and retirement have been wiped out or stolen, upset because we're dying in wars that have no end and make no sense, upset because the government failed miserably at responding to help your city after a hurricane, flood or any natural disaster, upset because your country is turning into a police state, upset because gas and food prices keep rising while your pay is falling, upset because your government is trying to tax you for any purpose it can think of, upset because your government is trying to chip away  at your rights for any purpose it can think of, upset because millions of barrels of oil are ruining your coasts, upset because your standard of living is declining, upset because your children are not getting a proper education, upset because your country and your government are for sale... just calm down. It's easy to find the dirty rotten scoundrel that is responsible for this mess. Just look in the mirror. We the people are the blame – “We the people” sat by and let it happen without doing one single thing about it. That's what happens when you don't show up to work for 233 years. We can no longer afford to be absent or passive citizens. The stakes are too high this late in the game. We have 233 years of work piled up and waiting. It is our responsibility to deal with it. A mess has never dealt with itself. Our government didn't create itself and it can’t fix itself. Can you imagine someone giving themselves a triple heart bypass and major brain surgery all at once? Forget about it! Your responsibility as a citizen doesn't end with voting and criticizing the government.

             "I'm tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn't work. Of course
              it doesn't work. We are supposed to work it."
              - Thomas Jefferson

Today we have the wisdom and technology to meet the original and correct expectations of the founding fathers. True government by the people is here and waiting for the American people to take hold of. We are the first to have a real choice unlike our ancestors who had to settle for less. Because of the limitations of their day, the founding fathers had to settle for something less than a true democracy (Direct Democracy),. They had to settle for a republic. We don't have to settle for an inferior and outdated system of government. In fact, It can no longer support  healthy growth or the management of a modern civilization. In a real democracy the words “government by the people, for the people and of the people” are literal, and not just flowery rhetoric to placate the masses. All Americans should learn this if they don't know it. America has never been a democracy. We're learning the hard way that "We the people" really don't have much choice or control over our own lives or our own government because our government is really not a Democracy. Let me refresh your memory. Do you remember this? "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands..." - That's right, the United States is a Republic not a Democracy. So if you feel like your government is ignoring you, now you know why. In a republic, It matters very little what we say or what we want because we're really not in charge. This is not a real democracy. The sooner we learn this, the sooner we can begin to make real progress. Civil disobedience, protesting, marching and rioting won’t change anything or the fact that we are a republic. This is why the American people feel so hopeless and disillusioned about real change and their future. They don't see a way out. So in summary, we need to transition our republic to a real democracy. We don't have to settle for the illusion of democracy when we can have the real thing and the benefits that come with it. And we certainly don't have to live like this anymore - like slaves to a revolving two party dictatorship.

             “What better way to enslave a man then to give him a vote and tell    
              him he is free."

              - Albert Camus

We are the most advanced people that have ever lived on the face of the earth
. The real magnitude of our technology is being undermined by our old ways, old government and our old economic system. But foremost, It is our resistance to let go of these old systems that threaten our existence. These old systems are dying and they are threatening to take us with them.

Using austerity to fix our problems, defies all "Common Sense" and sanity, unless you are intent on committing suicide. It's only more proof that our world has gone completely MADD!

If you understand the true value and magnitude of technology, then you should understand there is no need for poverty, recessions, depressions, homelessness, unemployment, underemployment, deficits and the lack of healthcare. There is no need for the payment of bank interest, there is no need for taxes of any kind and there is no need to saddle our children with our debt and on and on. That means we are doing everything wrong. I understand that’s hard for a great many of us to believe. We are use to letting our government and big business do our thinking for us, so I will keep it very simple. For the most part, our technology has changed our world from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. That means our old limitations don’t exist. The scarcity that you see today is (man made - artificial) by design. We live in a totally different but opposite paradigm. If we persist in our old ways - we are dead.

We have become a Capitalocracy. Our country is ruled by money. The lack of paper money or digital money is no longer a limitation. I repeat, money is not a limitation. The lack of resources is the only limitation that we have. Technology allows us to preserve and extend the amount and use of our resources. This is where your real wealth is. Citing the lack of money, the deficit, the size of government or fiscal responsibility as an excuse for not taking care of the people and the  people's business is complete nonsense coupled with incompetence. These problems should've been solved 90 years ago.

Most of you are not scientists or engineers, so I will have to appeal to your "Common Sense". A little over 100 years ago, man learned to fly. 60 yeas ago, man harnessed the power of the atom. Today we have super fast computers and the internet. This came all in the last hundred years or so. Why is it impossible to solve less challenging problems that we’ve had for more than 200 years? Could we be the problem? Obviously we don’t lack the technology to solve our problems. They are not impossible to solve. We allow politicians to placate us with talk and empty promises. This is what makes our progress impossible. A good example is healthcare reform that our government has been working on for more than 60 years and counting. "This - is - absurd!" Yet, we endure this and much of the same, year after year and decade after decade. Have we ceased to be serious people?

           “all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer,
            while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the
            forms to which they are accustomed."
            - Declaration of Independence

Politicians and lawyers can’t help us now. But we are not alone. The Scientist and Engineers will show you a better and smarter way; but you will have to meet them half way. The rest of this document and Revolution 2.0 are dedicated to doing just that. So let's get started…



In the Beginning

The American system of government was designed with checks and balances. But the most important check on our government has failed. The failure is catastrophic. The people are the most important check on government to control the power and abuse of government. If the people neglect their duties, then they become mere slaves and victims of their own government and neglect. In order for democracy to work, the people have to be vigilant. Otherwise, democracy along with the liberties it creates and protects, slowly dies.


 Responsibility of the People


Why me? - Why us? – Why now?

What we do here and now will not only affect our nation, it will have dire ramifications for the rest of the world. When we free ourselves, we will in effect free the rest of the world. If there was ever a time that our world needed leadership, it is now. Only the United States has the means to lead. It's not just a matter of money. It is a matter of global presence and influence. It is our responsibility for the simple fact that we can and we must.

We all want to live good and better lives. We all want to live in a better world. But we are not willing to change or make the sacrifices to reap the rewards. So we end up with a world and a country in decline. First and foremost, to build a new and better world, you will need thinkers - not talkers. Politicians can't talk their way into the future. It is far too complex. You will need thinkers with the ability to transform their ideas into hard working realities. Talkers must employ middle men who waste your wealth and resources. The problems we face today are technical, not political. This is the job of the technologist – not politicians, dictators, bankers or big business. You wouldn't let a plumber perform brain surgery on you, so why would you let a politician convince you that he or she can build a new and better  world in a technological age? It is not a sane or practical approach and it has nothing to do with "Common Sense". And if you need any evidence just look around you. Our country and our world are falling to pieces.

If we don’t understand our tax system and the monetary system (banking), then understanding the challenge of diverse technologies is totally out of the question. This is what allows the American people to be systemically raped and robbed, over and over by government, big business, the banks and Wall Street. Because the people don’t really understand the workings of our government, the tax system and our economic system, we are easily exploited and have been for quite some time. The same thing is happening with technology in all its diversity. Technology is the bulk of our wealth, not money. We know even less about technology than we know about our monetary and tax system. The amount of wealth we are wasting and giving away is staggering.                    

We have neglected our house and business for much too long. It is time to clean house and get our business in order. We have to quit rewarding incompetence. First, we have to stop hiring government officials with skill-sets that no longer fit our need. This is the twenty first century not the seventeenth century. Politicians were ok in an era where talking and law were the best and only tools of the day for governing. Things have changed much in 233 years.

Politicians and lawyers are not capable of moving our nation into the future. Their time has come and gone. You will have to seek out the Scientist and Engineers. They will show you the way. Again, the bulk of our problems are technical - not political. Legislation and political debate will get us nowhere. This paragraph contains the most important information in this document. Remember and embrace it. It is our only chance at success.

We are no longer who we used to be or what we use to be. We are in a transition phase, stuck half way between two worlds that are literally ripping us apart. At this very point in time man is without definition. He knows not where he stands, nor where he is headed. We are the most advanced civilization that has ever lived. Our limitations to move forward come from our past. Our limitations are only structural and behavioral which means they are not impossible to overcome. We don’t have the same limitations anymore.  I understand why most Americans are skeptical and cynical about real progress. We've been preyed on by big business, little business, the banks, politicians, Wall Street and government for so long; we don’t know who to trust or where to turn. Then I say, "trust yourself". "Turn to yourself". If you want real change, you can only depend on yourself to make it happen. That means you will have to take charge of your own lives and government. No one else can be trusted to take care of the people’s business like the people.

We need a new vision and direction for our country and our world. Welcome to the NeXus, our pathway to a new and better future. We need a revolution in government and a paradigm shift in technology if we are serious about real change that will move the United States forward.


A Revolution in Government


Some think the formation of a third party will bring about real change. That is non-sense and small minded. It demonstrates our inability to think outside the box of government that has become our prison. Our republic was designed to be flexible, not a death trap. Adding a third party will do nothing but perpetuate the same old system. We need a revolution in government, not more of the same that will only waste valuable time and resources. "We can’t afford it."

The Nuclear Option

The founding fathers left the people with one last safeguard should we ever lose control of our government. It is The Nuclear Option. It is the only way to regain control of our government when all has failed.

The founding fathers preserved our supreme right and control over government by reaffirming our natural right to alter or abolish the government if and when the people feel compelled to do so.

"that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…"
~From the Declaration of Independence

If there was ever a time of crises when such a thing was needed, we need it now!

The founding fathers were not perfect and neither could they see the future. They left a big gaping hole in our republic. They acknowledged and preserved our right to alter or abolish our government in the declaration of independence. The problem is, they never specifically defined the process for citizens to follow in order to execute their right to alter or abolish their old government and start anew. Because the process was not defined, we never exercised our right to use it. Lack of process doesn't take away or nullify the right. Then "common sense" should tell us to define a process, agree on it amongst ourselves - then execute it! I took the liberty to define that process and to present it to you the people for your approval. I call the execution of the process “The Execution of Dissolution and Termination” (EDT). I call the declaration of the process “The Declaration of Dissolution and Termination” (DDT). The declaration itself is modeled after the Declaration of Independence. Its purpose is to declare the process of disengagement from the present government to the present government. In other words, it is a pink slip presented to the present government by the people, affectively firing (terminating) the present government. From now on democracy will have teeth and will never be taken for granted ever again without serious consequences from the people. This is how you meet the scientist and engineers half way. You remove the middle men (politicians, lawyers, big business and bankers) and tell the Scientists and Engineers what kind of country and world you want to live in, and they will build it!


It is up to “we the people” to change our direction in order to restore our democracy, rule of law, and our self respect.  Never again will government, big business and bankers enslave the people; because from then on, government will truly be the people. We have to emancipate ourselves from our old ideas, our old government, big business and yes, the bankers. 

               “We really need a better government than what we have”
               - Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, 2009

We will need two new branches of government to navigate the 21st century and beyond. We will have to eliminate the corruption of money from our government completely. It is a delusion to think we could make these massive, necessary changes with our current system of government. Our government is incapable of solving our past, current, and future problems. That's why politicians spend most of their time attacking each other. They don’t have the answers for where we are and where we're headed. The green economy and carbon market schemes are just more piece meal nonsense; a waste of time, money and resources. Let's see what real change looks like.


           New Design for Government (Government 2.0)

A new branch of Government (The Fifth Branch)

How can we redefine ourselves and reclaim our sanity and free existence. First, we must take back our government and that which belongs to no one and everyone. We have the technology to build an over arching new branch of government that supersedes all other branches. This branch will become the new executive branch. The old executive branch will become the administrative branch. The Internet will allow us (the people) to control, monitor and directly intercede or override any function or operation that the people deem unnecessary and in real time not years or decades. This is known as a Direct Demcracy. This is how you set the people free from government, big business and the banks. It is the most important step we have to take. The stakes are too high. There will be no higher authority to assert themselves over the will of the people. This means the people will finally be in charge, in control and responsible. No longer will the people be forced to fight wars they don't want to fight. No longer will the people be ignored by government or business because the people will be the true masters of government and themselves. NOT BIG BUSINESS, NOT the BANKS, NOT POLITICIANS or ANYONE ELSE...

        “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history -           whether man shall  be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by the
          small elite."
         - Thomas Jefferson 

        “I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the
         people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to
         exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to
         take it from them but to inform their discretion.”
        - Thomas Jefferson 

We have 233 years of experience that tells us what doesn’t work with government. We can use that knowledge to build a better government along with the technology gains of the last 233 years.


A second new branch of Government (The Fourth Branch)

The fourth branch will be driven by technology and science. The people will need access to real information based on facts, figures, reason and most importantly science. The new technology/science branch will guide technology, environment and economic policy along with the direction for rebuilding our country on a sound technical footing and science. There is no place for politics or judication in science and technology. Politicians and judges lack the knowledge and expertise to make decisions and or policy regarding the application and use of science and technology. This is total non-sense, a waste of time, money and resources. And it has nothing to do with "Common Sense". As you learn more, you will also learn eventually, there will no longer be a need for politicians, politics or even political parties. Politics and political parties are limitations of the past. With real information at our fingertips, we will be able to make our own decisions, while we delegate less important administrative decisions/duties to politicians.

            “Information is the currency of democracy.“
              - Thomas Jefferson

            “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be    
             depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring 
             them the real facts.”

             - Abraham Lincoln

Without a fourth branch the people can never realize their true wealth because it will always get plundered and wasted by middle men. Our technology is worth more than you know. It is worth more than all the wealth, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and oil on this planet. And yet we give it away to be wasted, idled and misallocated, along with the resources that it controls and utilizes. Obviously, this has nothing to do with "Common Sense".

The fourth and fifth branches will be located outside of Washington D.C.   

The fourth branch is so important because it's the only way to bring together our diverse technologies to produce the maximum benefit for the nation as a whole. With its ability to manage complexity, the technology branch can easily  manage the distribution of power and resources more efficiently. It will allow us to deal with problems like climate change and energy with relative ease. It will give us a greater flexibility in handling crises of any nature because we are not so centralized and inflexible. All our technology will work together because they will be designed to do so from the ground up and not this patch work of technologies that don’t work together. "We can’t afford it." The problem with getting your technology from the so called free market is that the free market doesn’t have a brain, a heart or the best interest of the American people. Our government and society will be the first that is truly based on technology and not manipulated and controlled by it. This technological basis will allow us to adjust the level of coupling and cohesion between the states. We have to enhance the structure and function of government to deal with the multitude of today's complex challenges. It is the only way.

                 “While all other sciences have advanced, that of government is at
                  a standstill - little better understood, little better practiced now than
                  three or four thousand years ago.”         
                 - John Adams




Paradigm shift in Technology

Today, technology is working against mankind. Do you think it's just coincidence that we have a multitude of problems that seem to be converging on us all at once? Could there be something they all have in common which correlates in our recent history. Yes, you guessed it. Technology is driving them all, even the corruption. If you look at recent history, for example, the last 100 years, our technology has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, there is a price for progress when you fail to control the assimilation of technology in society. The fourth branch is key. A piece meal approach won’t work. If we try to deal with the symptoms (like unemployment, climate change, energy challenges, outsourcing, offshoring, uncontrollable debt, deficits, instability and corruption of financial systems and markets, the housing bubble, the tech bubble and all other bubbles etc…) without dealing with the real problem (technology), it will be a total waste of time and resources. We even fail to deal with the obvious problems -Technological Unemployment:

In 1993 the US retail giant, Sears, cut 50,000 jobs from its merchandising division. That same year, its sales revenues rose by 10%. General Electric, a world leader in electronic manufacturing, reduced its global workforce from 400,000 in 1981 to 230,000 in 1993, whilst tripling its sales. Foxconn is replacing a half million of its workers with robots. The mass firing will continue unabated because we chose to do nothing. We chose to believe the lies.

Here is a small sample of the Carnage left behind by the 2008 recession that still hasn’t ended (Number of jobs cut since recession began):

1. General Motors (107,357) 2. Citigroup (73,056) 3. Verizon Wireless (39,000)

4. Merrill Lynch (40,650) 5. Circuit City Stores (41,495) 6. Hewlett-Packard (47,540)

Most of these companies are still cutting jobs. General Motors is planning to wipe out another 5 to 8 thousand jobs. Hewlett-Packard just announced it's cutting another 30,000 jobs by 2014. This will not end. Unfortunately, it's much worse than this because this is only what you can see.

This isn't new, it's been going on for more than a century now. But the problem has grown at an exponential rate just like many other problems we've been taught to ignore. Mainly we've been lied to in order to confuse and pacify us. So we do nothing!

We have a tricky situation. It is like diffusing a bomb. We have to disconnect the correct wire in the correct sequence; otherwise we will continue to self-destruct. Our technology will continue to undermine everything we do. Politicians can’t tell you that because they don’t know and they don't understand; so they can’t solve our problems. The so called free market and our present government are totally inadequate for dealing with today’s challenges, like it or not. Using 17th century government, ideas, economics and other constructs of the past  in the twenty first century has nothing to do with “Common Sense”. We are at an inflection point. Don’t be afraid of technology. It is your friend when you engage it. It is your enemy when you ignore it

We ignore the smartest among us at our own peril. When scientists say our planet is in crises, it is probably a good idea to pay a bit more attention, as it is the only planet we have. 

What we need is real fundamental change. We are in yet another crisis brought on by technology and our broken economic system. Unfortunately, we are ruled by politicians who only treat the symptoms and not the root causes. They will throw money at the problem and then tax you to death. The problems will only come back again and again, and much worse than before. That's because our old government can only mask the problem temporarily while shifting the burden + blame.  

We have become a dependent nation. We don't make things for ourselves and we have to depend on foreigners like China to lend us money. How can this be in a nation that is so rich in natural resources, technology, and other material wealth? It is because our house is not in order.

You're probably thinking in order to solve these problems that we are going to have to work harder, longer and retire later. This is wrong thinking. To succeed, we will have to be smart enough not to continue as we have in the past. We will have to do the exact opposite. We will have to work much less and retire earlier. We will be forced to enjoy more of our lives. Sorry to disappoint those workaholics, but there is a new slave among us. Computers, robots and technology are the new slaves; we can not compete. "Common Sense" should tell us to get out of the way or we will get run over. That's what's happening to our work force, our economic system, our financial system and markets, and government. They're getting run over and over, and over again, directly and indirectly.  We have to liberate the work force. "Common sense" has warned us for quite some time that technology will eventually begin to displace the human worker. That time is here and now. Technology is destabilizing our economies and workforce with increasing frequency and magnitude. Unfortunately, our government and big business have become our masters. Neither will concede control or profits.

We have to treat business and government like the mad dogs they have become. The problem is, they are your dogs and you let them turn on you. You will have to show them that you are the master. The only way to do that is with a Declaration of Dissolution and Termination. You will have to declare your freedom and separation from your old government and not each other. Talk of secession is non-sense. The strength of America comes from her DIVERSITY and her UNITEDNESS. If that bond is broken, so goes the country…

Obviously our social development has not kept pace with our technological development. You don't put government or big business in charge of a technological society. That is suicide! And it has nothing to do with "Common Sense".

For hundreds of years or more, politicians, dictators and monarchs have made promises of a better life if we just put our faith and trust in them. They've all failed to deliver and in most cases they've made things much worse. The people who are most responsible for easing the burdens of mankind are the inventors, scientist and engineers. They have no need for talk and fiery speeches because they have no need to lead or to control anyone. There is no time for it. They are the thinkers and creators. They are the only people that can show you the way. If it is salvation that you seek in this life time, I suggest you seek them out. They are the only people that can set you free. The time of the politicians and the dictators has come and gone. Their message hasn't changed for thousands of years. This means they have no new answers. Scientists and engineers are not big on talking, but you can see their work everywhere: in skyscrapers, planes, trains, electricity, nuclear power, solar power, computers etc... 

What do you expect when you turn over control of your most important resources? You have only but to take back what is rightfully yours. Politicians and lawyers have privatized your money, your healthcare and now your elections. This year, with the help of the Supreme Court our elections are totally up for sale which includes foreign countries and companies. This only means that things are going to get much worse until you do something about it. Yes, the things in this document are hard to do. Yes, it means you will have to do something instead of nothing. The president and the democrats can’t help you. Republicans can’t and won’t help you. Big business, the banks and Wall Street don’t care, unless we are bailing them out. That means “We the People” have to look out for ourselves for a change.

Whether we accept it or not, our old world ended long ago. We are living on borrowed time. Change is coming no mater what. We can deal with it or it will deal with us. No matter what we do, the road ahead will be challenging. If we continue on with our 17th century government, it will be devastating. We have a multitude of serious problems that we are unable to deal with today because we failed in our duties in the past to prepare for today. If we continue to fail in our duties today, tomorrow may very well be unmanageable.


           “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who   
            are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.”
- Albert Einstein



  ******************** What to do Next *******************

If you’re ready for real change, let's get started.

1. Join the Revolution
2. Vote in the online petition to Declare Dissolution and Termination. When enough people learn that they have another choice other than democrats and republicans, they will choose it. No one chooses slavery when they "know" they have a choice. This petition will help raise awareness and track our progress. Spread the news and the word. We don’t have to live like this anymore!
3. Read Common Sense 3.2 
4. Read Death By Technology  -  You’re going to need it. Education is the key. "It is impossible to fight or fix what you don't understand or know". The Ideas for Common Sense3.1, Revolution 2.0 and DDT come directly from "Death by Technology". Before we can fix the United States, we have to understand what’s really wrong with her. We have to look behind the symptoms.

5. Tell the world about Common Sense3.1/3.2, Revolution 2.0 and DDT
This is not a sipping tea party where we march around carrying silly signs. Our job is to let every citizen know they have a real choice and a process to take their country back in order to repair, rebuild and enhance it . Send emails, flyers or whatever you have to do to contact as many people as possible.


Every American citizen needs to know they have a natural and
      lawful right (which is declared in the Declaration of Independence)
      to take their country back from their government. They also need to
      know they have a formal process (DDT/EDT) so they can exercise
      that right.

Serious problems in serious times, demand serious solutions.


 Welcome to the First Phase - More Power and Technology to the People!
********************************************************************* *********************************************************************

Good Luck to us All




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