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*common sense 3.1*
Second Bill of Rights
Dissolution and
Declaration (DDT)
Execution (EDT)
Revolution 2.0
vs. Tea Party
Democracy 2.0

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Welcome to the second American Revolution. If you're frustrated with  government you are not alone. Sky rocketing debt, unemployment, underemployment, taxes, deficits, government failure, corruption and greed are just the tip of the iceberg that are about to sink this country. We need a revolution in government and a paradigm shift in technology if we're serious about moving the United States forward. Simply put, the Revolution 2.0 movement, is a clearly defined, peaceful, lawful and orderly process of phasing out our old inadequate government while we transition to a modern form of government that is capable of meeting the needs of the American people in the 21st century and beyond. Yes you guessed it; the people are done with talking and sipping tea. We can no longer govern ourselves with 17th century governments and ideas. The times have changed, so must we.


     “We really need a better government than what we have”
     - Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winning Economist, 2009


Every American citizen needs to know they have the right (which was declared in the Declaration of Independence) to peacefully take control of their country from their government in order to establish a new and better government. They also need to know they have a formal process (DDT/EDT) so they can exercise that right. Serious problems in serious times, demand serious solutions.






***  The Smart Revolution  ***



Welcome to the beginning of the second American revolution.
The purpose of course is to educate and to move the United States and the rest of the world forward. We all know somethings terribly wrong with our country, but we don't have a clue what to do about it. But we do know this, we cannot continue to sit around and do nothing. We are so confused, we don't realize how dangerous it is to continue voting for democrats and republicans. We've become mentally crippled and dependent on two parties and our current form of government. They can't help you. The best people to help the people are the people. Until you figure that out, you will remain lost. Welcome to the Revolution.

Revolution 2.0
is a revolution in ideas and technology along with the vision to move this country forward. Read common sense 3.1 and the rest of the pages on the menu. This will give you a clear understanding of what the problems are, what we need to do about them and most important, how to proceed by taking real action. Our government didn't create itself and it can't fix itself. Problems never solve themselves…



Common sense 3.1 is a call to action to address the problems of the nation.


The second bill of rights are the minimum baseline expectations and goals for Revolution 2.0.


The Declaration of Dissolution and Termination (DDT) is a formal and legal declaration of grievances prepared by the people of the United States to be served to the government of the Untied States. The declaration is also a formal and legal order by the people to the government of the United States to cease and desist specific government operations in accordance with instructions laid down by the Execution of Dissolution and Termination.


The Execution of Dissolution and Termination (EDT) is the formal process and rules for dissolving parts or all of the old government and then terminating the old government after the new government has been fully implemented.

Yes, you guessed it - this ain't no tea party.



Let's face it. As much as we like to talk about real changes we don't really want to make the real choices or the real sacrifices. Unfortunately, our choices have dwindled because of  inaction. We can't afford to repeat the same mistakes (voting for political parties) over and over and expect real change. We've done this already! It leads to where we are today. It leads to nowhere. It has led us to insanity.
  “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”
~ Albert Einstein
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