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Internet Users and Citizens

For internet users, V2 will provide a whole new online environment to work and play in securely. You will have information right at your finger tips. There won’t be a need for a bunch of search engines because information is structured and not distributed in a bunch of random web pages. You won’t have to go to V2, V2 will come to you. The days of surfing will be over, unless you prefer it.

You will be able buy goods and services more freely and conveniently. E-commerce will be so advanced that you will be able to transfer funds person to person as naturally as you do face to face.

Users will have more direct contact with their local, state and federal government. Imagine the ability to vote online and to monitor your officials and their performance. In time when you are ready (maybe soon), citizens will truly control and run their own government and not the other way around.

Do you Want to live in a world were you have full control over all of your records and not someone else? You should be in control of who accesses your records and for how long. As it is today, our records are scattered all over the place. Identity theft is a major internet threat to online users with loses in the billions every year. 

V2 (the Cyber World) will give the  individual total autonomy and the tools to manage it.

You shouldn't have to be a computer scientist to get the most out of your computer and the internet.  

V2 is a lot safer because it has the infrastructure to deal with complexity. It will allow internet security officials to monitor suspicious activity and to be notified when there are suspicious anomalies that don’t fit previous use patterns and or procedures. This means your online rights can be protected. The Cyber World will protect your online rights and information with a Digital Bill of Rights and Constitution.

You won't have to spend hours searching and surfing the web for information. There will be internet infrastructure that will work with your computer to get you the information you need where and when ever you need it.

Users will have more advanced ways of interacting with each other. There will be very few reasons to leave your home. In time everything that can be digitized and automated will be done online.

V2 lays the foundation for the Cyber World which will follow shortly after the V2 foundation is completed. At this point the common man will be able to do things that we could only dream about today. The Cyber World will be very instrumental in meeting  the impossible challenges of today and those just around the corner.

In this day and age of high technology and the internet, a 5 day work week doesn’t make sense. It is down right barbaric.  Something is Wrong.

Building the Cyber World will allow us to do incredible things. It will allow us to liberate the work force beyond your wildest dreams. Can you imagine a world where computers and technology do most of the work and the people get the pay? Let the computers and technology do the work while the people play and get the pay. I like that. I’m sure you do too. The productivity gains of technology in just the last 40 years should’ve reduced our work week down to 3 days. Unfortunately, we allow our productivity gains to go right to Wall Street, big business and the banks.  No one chooses slavery when given a choice. Today we have that choice. It's time to stop thinking and behaving like slaves. As we’ve said many times before, the Cyber World will set the human race free. Free from itself, free from government, free from the banks, big business and the politicians. When people start learning the value of their real wealth in technology and resources, they will demand pay and play, not slavery of the mind and body. Stand up and be counted. Claim your heritage and your freedom.

Most of us think we know what freedom is. The Cyber World will change all that. Today we live in a world where technology works against the common man.  The Cyber World will allow technology to work for the masses and not just big business, the wealthy and the elite. Today business is making trillions of dollars from technology. The same technology that is making human slaves (A.KA. employees) obsolete. As time goes on, business will have less and less of a need for a mass human labor force. It has already started. Do you think your government can fix it? If so, what are they waiting for? They have no idea where to start. Excuse me, lets be real, they don’t even know what the real problems are. It doesn’t matter what president, prime minister or any other representatives you elect. They don’t have the tools to deal with today's's real problems. In today’s hi-tech world, real problems will take leadership, vision and yes you guessed it, lots of technology. That’s why nothing truly gets fixed in or by government. Their main tools are Band-Aids, distractions and illusions to camouflage incompetence.  The qualifications for governing in a hi-tech modern world have changed and we haven’t figured that out yet. Unfortunately, this will be a painful lesson (…more)

This is just the tip of the iceberg.....

Welcome to the first Phase...

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